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floral hammer,6-in-1 floral hammer with a focus on sourcing new quality materials and creating unique bespoke flower designs that Designed to appeal to inquisitive, adventure-seeking,women. Application:
- Ideal for hammering those nails or tightening up those eyeglasses
- You can use it in kitchen, outdoor, bicycle repairs, eyeglass repairs, perfect for small and compact space
Package Includes:
1 X 6-in-1 Floral Printing Claw Hammer and Screwdriver Tool

  • Description

【Tools Included】Multi-tool set including hammer and screwdriver, slotted drivers 2, 3, 4.5, PH1 and tack puller and hammer, easy to store

【Design Feature】Tool is made from premium carbon steel with heat-treated, You can grip the hammer tightly and comfortable by the knurling handle

– 45# Carbon Steel
– Easy to store and find
– Rust and corrosion resistant
– Beautiful hammer with floral printing
– 3 flathead screwdrivers and 1 crosshead screwdrivers are nestled in the handle of the claw hammer