Bimuyu Tech


Q1.How do we process customer orders?
Processing orders is our expertise in order to provide the unparalleled service that our customers have come to expect over the last decade whether clients be individual, retailers, wholesale, or business-to-business.

For bulk orders:

  1. Receipt of original samples
  2. The samples include the customer requirements and specifications
  3. We then produce the sample
  4. We request that the customer confirm the accuracy of the sample
  5. Terms agreement
  6. Signed contract
  7. Production begins
  8. Production fulfilled
  9. Production delivery

How much inventory do we have available?
Typically, we will have inventory on-hand. Depending on the ebb and flow of the marketplace and customer demand, seasonal demands, and holidays, we request that you please contact us in advance to ensure capacities will always be met.

Q3.How many styles are available?
All of our products are listed on the website for your review. We have the capabilities to supply customized styles as well. In fact, most of our larger orders from customers will be personalized because they seek original products, and exclusive products or designs. We are readily flexible to work in an OEM capacity developing floral style tools and collections. Our facility can produce a completed mold relatively quickly, in only 15-20 minutes, once approved to proceed.

Q4.What is the minimum quantity for each style?
Our minimum standard requirements are normally 200 pieces, per 1 style of tool.

Q5.Are we able to send samples?
Yes. You are more than welcome to inquire about receiving samples. We will request the details from you about which samples you may be interested in receiving. Given our experience, we suggest that it is always best for customers to send us original samples, at the beginning. As per your requirements, we will send you samples based on your needs for recurring customers.

If you are a new client, we require the express fee be paid in advance including the sample cost. Each sample cost will depend on specifications and quantities. Each sample is quoted on a case-by-case basis. We will also require your express shipping account information such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc. We will send the samples with the corresponding shipping company of your choice. We will also need the shipping paid in advance, prior to sending samples. In order to provide privacy, we ask you to contact us with payment information for security purposes.

Q6.What are our standard payment terms?
Payment terms will depend on your established level of credit with our company. If you are a new customer, the payment term is 30% deposit, and the balance due prior to shipping. For customers with over 1 year of collaboration with superior payment history, we can offer 30% deposits in advance and the balance due after delivery has been received.

Q7.What are the shipment terms?
Shipment terms will depend on customer orders, requirements, quantity, volume, and demand in addition to urgent shipping. We will require all information in advance whether your goods are to be sent by air or freight. If payment terms are FOB, we will deliver a customer’s product to your forwarder by the specified delivery date. If your payment terms are CIF, we will deliver a customer’s product to our affiliated forwarder and offer the best freight delivery by the specified delivery date.

Q8.What is the typical lead time for customer orders?
Under normal circumstances, please expect a lead time of approximately 30 days upon confirmation. Other factors may include customer quantity and complexity. In such cases, we will communicate with the customer when to expect delivery, at all times, and at the very outset of the ordering process.

Q9.I have questions about quotes and products?

We are here to answer any and all questions. If you would like more information about pricing, quantities, shipping, quotes, specific products, lead times, and designs, please email us the product code and all relevant information. Our customer service representatives will be able to provide you with all of the necessary information and quotes within 24 hours maximum.

Please keep in mind that the larger the order in terms of quantity, the lower price-per-unit. Our pricing is based on scale.